Mayfair International Realty

  • For over one hundred years the West End of London has played a central role in the sale of many of the UK’s and Europe’s finest houses. Today Mayfair International Realty carries on this tradition by providing a source of international property marketing expertise while forming the hub of a global network of the finest real estate firms.

    Situated in Thayer Street, just two minutes’ walk from Oxford Street, Mayfair office is ideally situated in the heart of London’s West End and perfect for London-based clients, buyers and investors.

    Mayfair Realty has extended his business around the world since several decades: They are now present all over the world throughout Europe, , the Caribbean, USA, North Africa , south America and Asia (for example, the Bahamas , Cayman Islands, Barbados, Brazil, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Italia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Monaco, Mozambique, Portugal, Poland , South Africa , Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand , Turkey, USA)

    Mayfair International Realty brings together the finest luxury real estate with the very best brokers and agents from across the globe.

    Unsurpassed local knowledge bound tightly with a rare talent to market effectively in the international domain, ensures buyers and sellers that a Mayfair International Realty member firm is best for choice, experience, expertise, services, and results.

    The Mayfair International Realty support the the agencies throughout the world like Signature Properties solutions.

  • The services provided by Mayfair International Realty are the following ones:
    • Golf Real Estate.| So many buyers moving overseas look for real estate by or close to their favourite golf courses or those that favour their handicaps. Inside knowledge of the real estate market linked to a detailed understanding of the golf scene is the best way to ensure a sound investment and a lower handicap. Mayfair International Realty can advise on just the right broker/agent who will be pleased to introduce buyers to all the options.
    • High Net Worth Real Estate. For the wealthiest, most discerning international buyers Mayfair International Realty offers a discreet and highly personal concierge service. Member firms can offer a breathtaking range of outstanding real estate in some of the world’s most exciting and sophisticated locations.
    • International Referral Network. Whether buying or selling real estate, the best way to find the right broker is through good recommendation. The Mayfair International Realty network is as strong as it is because all the members have been well recommended. The very best service to buyers and sellers is to provide the name of a skilled, knowledgeable and sympathetic but uncompromising broker or agent, and this is where Mayfair International Realty excels.
    • Internet Marketing. Not only does the Mayfair International Realty website itself have a loyal, enthusiastic and ever-growing following across the world, but each day members’ properties are uploaded to the websites of the Financial Times and Country Life. These two sites alone receive thousands of visitors every day and are a valuable addition to the marketing mix of each property being promoted through Mayfair International Realty members.
    • International Mortgages. Buying an overseas property to enhance personal lifestyle, or for investment, is exciting. It also provides great opportunities. But buying a property in another country, that may have a language and real estate culture all of its own, needs specialist knowledge and experience to achieve the best result.
    • Legal Services. Every country has its own unique real estate culture and legal process. For buyers and sellers Mayfair International Realty can recommend specialist international legal representation and tax advice to ensure a safe and rewarding transaction.
    • Press Relations. Mayfair International Realty is one of the leaders in international real estate marketing for luxury homes. Experienced personnel are skilled in making sure that Mayfair International Realty members receive the maximum publicity for their clients’ properties. Through highly-developed press relations the Mayfair International Realty marketing team ensures that member firms and their sellers never miss an opportunity to achieve editorial coverage.
    • Real Estate Advertising. Often different cultures respond to different messages – even though those cultures may share a common language. Also, advertising costs vary widely from country to country. Understanding the nuance of message and the know-how of costs means that Mayfair International Realty members can offer their clients unsurpassed cost-effective international advertising opportunities.
  • In conclusion, Mayfair International Realty offers the reassurance that only the “best in class” can give, backed by the best possible available information They offer us advise not only on pricing and value but also on local taxation, the legal analyses of some situations, the support for the marketing and publicity.

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